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Since 1981, Hospice of North Idaho has thrived as the community’s hospice, thanks in no small part to the generous gifts we receive from our supporters.  With these gifts, we have been able to provide excellent care and support for thousands of patients their families, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Your gift provides resources that make an immediate impact to those we serve. It helps them to live fully and achieve the quality of life they deserve.  There are many ways to give to Hospice of North Idaho; you may donate now online or print our donation form and mail it to us.  To discuss your gift, you may contact us at (208)772-7994.

We value the rights and privacy of our donors.  We honor the “Donor Bill of Rights” created by The Giving Institute.  To download our “Donor Bill of Rights”, click here.

Keeping you safe and informed:


Hospice of North Idaho has been made aware of a fund-drive scam which claims to raise money for us. Please do not engage with “The Hospice Support Fund” from Merrifield, VA. See the real example of what might arrive in your post mail: here

Hospice of North Idaho will not hire an out of state organization to raise money to provide care in our community.  Instead, we value our community’s direct engagement with our staff, including our own email, news articles, or social media posts. All of our digital and print correspondence will include a direct point of contact to a Hospice of North Idaho staff member.

Call us anytime to confirm a request for money. Only Hospice of North Idaho can verify the authenticity of its fundraisers. The Federal Trade Commission advises, “If a donation request comes from a group claiming to help your local community (for example, local police or firefighters), ask the local agency if they have heard of the group and are getting financial support.” See for more scam identification tips.

As your community-owned Hospice providing expert end-of-life care and grief support for 36-years, we keep you safe on your journey!