“You Don’t Just Lose Someone Once”

Poem By Donna Ashworth   You lose them over and over, sometimes in the same day.   When the loss, momentarily forgotten, creeps up, and attacks you from behind.   Fresh waves of grief as the realisation hits home, they are gone.   Again.   You don’t just lose someone once, you lose them every [...]

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A Primer on Palliative Care

Written by: Lorena De La Rosa, NP What is palliative care? I am frequently asked by my patients: what is palliative care and why do I need it? Misconceptions about palliative care amongst both medical professionals and patients has been a barrier to accessing these services in a timely and meaningful way. A barrier that [...]

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By: Rev. Jennifer Hackenbruch When you are grieving, and your heart is broken you do a lot of things that are not characteristically you. You forget to do things such as fill up your gas tank and then breakdown in tears because you run out of gas. You are told things over and over that [...]

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Hospice of North Idaho Named as Prestigious 2023 Hospice CAHPS HONORS Recipient

Hospice of North Idaho (HONI) has been named a 2023 Hospice CAHPS Honors Award recipient by HEALTHCAREfirst, a leading provider of revenue cycle management services, CAHPS and bereavement surveys, and advanced analytics for hospice organizations. This prestigious annual review recognizes agencies that continuously provide a positive patient experience and high-quality care as measured by the [...]

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The Five Truths in Grief

by Sonja Dove, LMSW Given that grief can be such a crazy-making experience, full of all those instances that leave you feeling overwhelmed, disrupted, and confused, there comes a natural wondering, “Am I okay?” Thus, a need for grounding or anchoring when you feel adrift. A need for anchoring to your truths. Grounding yourself in [...]

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Changing Directions

by Hospice Nurse, Constance D, LPN As a young lady, I always knew I would be a caregiver in some capacity. Originally, I thought I would care for animals as a veterinarian. Then when I was twelve, I wrecked my bike and needed stitches in my knee. I can't remember the name of the nurse [...]

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Hospice of North Idaho’s New Executive Director

North Idaho's only palliative care, hospice, and grief support nonprofit, Hospice of North Idaho, is pleased to announce Eric Ladwig NP-C as the new Executive Director in place of Kim Ransier, who retired.     "Passion is the best thing I can offer to Hospice of North Idaho as the Executive Director.  Passion for the beauty [...]

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