North Idaho’s only palliative care, hospice, and grief support nonprofit, Hospice of North Idaho, is pleased to announce Eric Ladwig NP-C as the new Executive Director in place of Kim Ransier, who retired. 


 “Passion is the best thing I can offer to Hospice of North Idaho as the Executive Director. 

Passion for the beauty I have come to love in caring for those who need us as they approach the end of life’s journey. Since I’ve found such an amazing place to work, all I can see is an opportunity to strive to make it even better. When an organization has been around as long as we have been, and the community is so deeply invested in who we are, I see only one option: growth. Our community is growing, and the needs of the people here will continue to grow. So, we must continue to grow as well. Not in size necessarily, but in the capacity of what we have to offer our community.”


Upon graduating from Idaho State University in 2014, Eric took a job in the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital, where he worked for about three years. As Eric pursued his education, he took a job with a home health and hospice agency. As of 2020, he and his family, which includes his wife and three children, moved from Pocatello to North Idaho to earn his Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN)- Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) at Gonzaga University. Through his experience and education, he found his true passion, providing hospice care.


“When I first moved into the area, my main question for my local family members was, “What is the best hospice agency around that I could work for?” And the only answer I was given was Hospice of North Idaho (HONI). The combination of community ownership, nonprofit mission, long-standing organization, and inpatient hospice care, not to mention the amazing campus and beautiful North Idaho setting, was very appealing to me. Since coming to HONI, I’ve learned a deep appreciation for the quality of professionals I work with daily. These people have demonstrated a level of compassion, competence, accountability, and work ethic that I have not experienced in any other work setting. HONI has shown me the best of what hospice care can be.” 


Eric started with HONI as a Palliative RN while finishing his degree. During those five months, he worked closely with HONI’s hospice care team, providers, and community clinicians while learning how hugely important our Community Palliative Program is to our community members. During the past year, he has served as a Nurse Practitioner at HONI. Most of his work has been caring for patients who live at home or in local facilities. He has also attended to patients in our inpatient unit, the Schneidmiller House, assisting with acute symptom management and providing support to patients and loved ones navigating the difficulties of end-of-life care and decision-making.


“I have five years of hospice experience, having worked as a nurse case manager, palliative RN, NP, and now as the Executive Director. My love for hospice care stems from the breadth of my experiences. I’ve held hands with lonely patients as they take their last breath, consoled family members as they surround their loved ones, spent hours upon hours teaching what death means, what the body is experiencing as one approaches the end of life, and watched as people go through some of the most incredible and the most tragic moments of their lives.”


In his new role as Executive Director, Eric Ladwig will continue the groundwork that has been laid before him and foster continued growth for Hospice of North Idaho within our community.