Find support in the early stages of diagnosis or during treatment.  Palliative care occurs before Hospice care, and while maintaining your existing health care team and medical treatments.

Palliative Care

It is a time to live life fully, live with purpose, and pursue quality of life.  Diagnosis of a serious illness with limited prognosis is an opportune time to be supported by Palliative Care.

Together, we discuss plans for a quality life experience, discuss disease progression and how to manage symptoms at home, and provide tools to get legal affairs in order. Palliative care helps manage increasing pain and has been shown to reduce emergency-room visits. Families say our palliative care is pro-active, informative, and helps them have more control of their personal journey.

Ask for a consultation in your home or care facility. Our services are not billable and are 100% supported by Hospice of North Idaho.