By: Rev. Jennifer Hackenbruch

When you are grieving, and your heart is broken you do a lot of things that are not characteristically you. You forget to do things such as fill up your gas tank and then breakdown in tears because you run out of gas. You are told things over and over that you just cannot seem to remember. You forget what you were saying mid-sentence or forget what you are doing right in the middle of doing it.

When these things happen you question yourself asking, “How could I have possibly forgotten to put gas in my car? Why can’t I remember simple things?” All of this, and more, is normal. Yes, I said normal! While you are in the midst of all this, your job is to remember you are not crazy. All of this is normal and will pass in time. No, there is not a set amount of time. This is your process; be with it. You are moving through in your own time. Trust in yourself and remember you are not going crazy.

Take a breath with that.


I am not going crazy. This is normal. I am normal.


Breathe all the way into your body, in through your notes and out through your nose. Just breathe. Take a few moments and breathe with the knowing that all of this is normal, and you are not crazy.


As I breathe in, I affirm my process is normal.


As I breath out, I affirm my process is normal.


When things start to feel crazy, or you start to feel crazy, remember to take a breath and affirm this is normal. I am normal, and I am not going crazy!