Hospice of North Idaho offers spiritual care to our patients and their families. Spiritual wellbeing is an essential part of your journey. The end of life experience can lead to questions about what is truly important. The dying process can be one of the most beautiful and sacred spiritual journeys to make.

This journey may bring up questions not previously considered. Whatever you may  feel or think is a normal and integral part of the experience. Our spiritual care team can provide spiritual comfort, support, and companionship, as well as provide you with assistance in making sense of what you are feeling and experiencing. Our spiritual care volunteers work closely with our team who also coordinates support of any faith and belief type that our patients choose for themselves.

Rev. Jennifer Hackenbruch, MS

Spiritual Care Coordinator

Lisa Selander, MACM, BCC

Hospice Chaplain


Our care is about honoring your memories, life stories, and celebrating through laughter and tears.  We want you to live your life to completion in a way that respects your hopes and desires. We will never preach, evangelize, or attempt to convert anyone to a religious belief.  Our care and support is based on your individual preferences and needs.  We understand that your journey is like no other and needs to be respected.

Preparing for your death does not mean giving up on your life’s journey. It may mean redefining your journey and continuing in a different way. Finding answers to lingering spiritual questions is a process that is uniquely yours. Our spiritual care team and volunteers can guide and support you through this transitional time of life.



Embracing Death & Dying According to Faith Traditions:


April 19, 2023

9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

In Person/ Virtual Viewing Options

Registration Required