Page 11 - 2020 Annual Report
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 Hospice of North Idaho experienced our first virtual accreditation survey in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic. For staff safety, The Joint Commission limited their surveyor's travel and implemented procedures for completing virtual surveys through the Zoom application. We are familiar with the surveyors visiting our organization on-site with face-to-face interactions with our patients and staff. As an agency, we were unsure what to expect with a virtual survey, but the surveyor and The Joint Commission guided us through every step. It was interesting to experience how we used the Zoom App to allow the surveyor to observe patient care. One of our certified nursing assistants strategically placed her phone so the surveyor could watch her curl the patient's hair. It was quite the experience! The surveyor was impressed with our innovative approaches to providing hospice care and how the organization adapted its procedures to support our community during COVID-19. Most of all, the surveyor complimented our procedures on maintaining our staff and patient's safety throughout the public health emergency. Hospice of North Idaho was very proud to accomplish a successful virtual survey and receive our re-accreditation from The Joint Commission.
 After 30 years in the Coeur d'Alene community, we made the decision in November of 2020 to consolidate our Coeur d'Alene store into one location in Post Falls, which continues to be a place to volunteer and give back. We appreciate the stories, the customers, donations and the connections we have made over the years of service in Coeur d'Alene. Thank you all for the support through this time of change!
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