Page 14 - 2020 Annual Report
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 The Community Palliative Care team consists of healthcare experts who offer additional in-home enhanced care and coordination of community-wide services. While working with physicians and medical providers to help navigate the patient's goals and coordinate care, our team will help patients better understand their condition and the medical choices available, recommend pain and symptom management, help navigate the healthcare system, and explain advanced care documentation and planning. One of the goals for this team is to keep patients at home rather than utilizing the hospital, to save on costs for patients.
During the pandemic, the Palliative Care team was able to coordinate telehealth appointments with one of our patient's pulmonologist's. The patient was able to be seen virtually by their provider during the pandemic without having to travel, while being surrounded by family and our team.
 From left to right: Tracey W. LCSW, Karen W. BSN, RN, CPN and Elissa W. RN, MN, ACHPN make up our wonderful Palliative Care team.
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