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    From Our Executive Director: Kim Ransier
 The year 2020 is a year for the record books, from the beginning of whispers of a virus named COVID-19 to the heartbreak of not seeing loved ones for months on end, the word “pandemic” is now all too familiar to the entire world. In North Idaho, we saw our share of challenges, always met with collaboration from many agencies on the local and state level, to each business, neighborhood, and organization. I was fortunate to be part of the first meeting of all facilities that had bed capacity in Kootenai County, to discuss how we would handle the surge in critical care beds needed to respond to the number of patients projected to become infected with the coronavirus. From enclosing our new wing and converting it to a COVID-19 isolation wing, to nurses who volunteered on our Pandemic Response Team, to sharing desperately needed PPE, Hospice of North Idaho played a very important role in helping our community care for those with COVID-19 and those needing special care through their end-of-life journey.
Our team of dedicated staff has met each patient and family, guiding them on how to cherish this sacred space as life’s journey ends. During this pandemic, creative ways were found to care for our patients and involve the family in their care through live video visits, phone calls, and windowsill coffee time. We will continue to provide compassionate, expert care to every patient, no matter the circumstance and we remain humbled by your support and belief in our mission.
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