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  Our community is the best when we are presented with challenges, and we were certainly sent some challenges this past year. So many new ways of looking at problems and using collaboration within healthcare providers, businesses, and government agencies to address changing information and guidelines, sometimes on a daily basis. With science leading the way in our decision-making, coupled with our mission to serve, we were able to provide additional care in our facilities that were in lockdown and converted our new 7-bed wing at the Schneidmiller House into a COVID-19 end of life place of care and comfort. As PPE became a new vocabulary word for the entire country, we were fortunate to have steady suppliers and the ability to share with other agencies and facilities unable to fulfill their needs. The air filtration “helmets” know as CAPR helmets, required for nursing staff to wear while providing direct care to COVID-19 patients, were costly and on backorder. Our vendor was able to provide double our required order, so we sent the additional to Kootenai Health. The City of Hayden found boxes of N95 masks (also needed for coronavirus patient care) in a storage locker and personally delivered them to us for immediate use.
Staff that was able to work from home were set up to do so and we kept connected by setting up drive-thru coffee card days, Zoom meetings, and “Dinner on the Board” night. We initiated our COVID-19 HUDDLE twice a week or whenever new data was released, or new guidelines were sent out from the CDC. We reviewed visitor restrictions, mask-wearing, and return to work post-COVID-19 for our employees. We received daily updates from Kootenai Health and Panhandle Health District to keep our information current and science-based.
Collaboration and “doing the right thing” for our community helped to get us through one of the worst times many of us will experience. The kindness, care of each other, and every hue in the universe of masks will be long remembered.
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