Page 4 - 2020 Annual Report
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    In 2019, we finished construction and opened the third wing of the Schneidmiller House. This new wing consists of 7 private patient rooms with patios, a commercial size laundry area, and a large meeting room. As the number of patients at Kootenai Health continued to increase at an alarming rate, we were asked to take end-of-life COVID-19 patients transferred from the hospital. We worked with Panhandle Health and our team to seal the new wing and completed preparations for making this a safe environment for patients, families, and our staff to care for active COVID-19 patients. As the surge in cases diminished, we converted that wing back to the original state and still utilize isolation rooms for COVID-19 patients on an individual basis. This was a stressful time on staff, but everyone believed in our mission and was happy to provide hospice care and support to this very ill group of patients. We continue to provide bereavement services to all in our community, including those who lost a loved one to the pandemic.
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