Page 5 - 2020 Annual Report
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  One of the indelible pictures of the pandemic that we will remember is the sight of so many people in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities not being able to see their loved ones and staff members also having the virus, leaving most facilities short-staffed. After seeing firsthand the dilemma in these facilities, our nurses discussed the situation and created the Pandemic Response Team; nurses who volunteered to go into these facilities to see and care for patients with COVID-19 and communicate with their loved ones about their condition. These nurses worked 7 days on and then 7 days off and were subject to COVID-19 testing at the beginning and the end of their 7 worked days. This dedication and expert nursing care is another example of how we continue to be mission-driven, even in the very worst of times. Looking beyond basic hospice care, and focusing on the needs of the patients and our entire community, continues to drive our passion for a peaceful end-of-life journey.
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