Page 7 - 2020 Annual Report
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 For so many, 2020 was incredibly tough. The uncertainty and social distancing caused a sense of hopelessness, isolation, and struggle, especially for grievers when their loved ones passed away.
We hosted our first event since the beginning of the pandemic, our 39th Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 10th. We wanted to make sure that this event could happen for our families and community. We coordinated small, socially distanced groups in multiple rooms with a beautiful ceremony accompanied by a local harp player, followed by an outdoor experience with 14 lit trees, and live music to comfort those participating in our luminary "Walk of Remembrance" on our walking path.
Many comments, stories, and memories were shared by attendees including a very impactful comment stating, "This has been the only form of closure we have had since COVID-19 happened." Many felt so grateful to be able to attend and say goodbye to their loved ones, as COVID-19 restricted funerals and other important services for our community.
We thank our community supporters who made this night special for so many, and our staff, who were honored to be able to provide such an important and impactful event for our community grievers. Our hearts were so full!
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