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  "Thank you so much for what you guys did for our family. It was so perfect, perfect, perfect. It meant so much that we were able to get him home and be able to say good-bye the way we did. It was such a blessing, especially in a time with everything that is going on in the world. It would have been so different without you all. We are just so thankful to have had that time and you guys all worked so hard to make sure we got it."
"My wife was transferred from the hospital to an assisted living facility and was put on your hospice services. Our care team was attentive in caring for her with regular visits and gave reports to me as the pandemic has allowed no visitors. This gave me great satisfaction for the care she was receiving. The social worker, aide, and spiritual care staff were also appreciated at this time too. When she was moved from the assisted living facility to the Schneidmiller House, it was made possible for her to spend her last day with her family. Thank you for your care of loved ones in their time of need."
"If it had not been for Hospice of North Idaho, our mother would have been placed in a facility out of state, where her family would not have been able to visit due to restrictions. The Schneidmiller House and her care team's willingness to work with her, provided our family 10 more weeks of contact which we would not have had elsewhere. During those final weeks, she became calmer and receptive to the treatment that was given. She was able to converse with her family and feel the love and deep concern for her as she approached the end of life."
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